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We are glad that you are visiting our website to learn more about our Program at Gilda’s Club Evansville!

Gilda’s Club is a non-residential, homelike support community for anyone living with cancer and their families and friends. Our unique Program offers many activities, classes, groups, and workshops all completely FREE of charge to our members.


The Gilda’s Club Program is comprised of five Core Components:

  1. Support: support and networking groups
  2. Education: lectures and workshops
  3. Healthy Lifestyle: nutritional education, exercise and physical activities (Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Zumba), mind-body stress reduction, and expressive arts
  4. Social Connections: potlucks, family fun nights, movie nights, and more
  5. Resources and referral: information online and in print from the Resource Library, and personalized assistance from staff members.


Our goal is to help improve overall quality of life from diagnosis through treatment and beyond for individuals of all ages impacted by cancer. Our Program includes specific activities and groups for children (Noogieland) and teens as well.

It’s cancer support for the whole family the whole time.